SED Consulting

Sustainability Executive Development (SED) Consulting

Our mission is to build and operationalise a corporate culture of sustainability that embodies the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria. By applying SED’s environmental and socio-behavioural principles, our clients are equipped to partner effectively with multiple stakeholders to enable and ensure progress in Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), so as to grow employee, customer, investor and community trust and confidence.


SED Consulting prepares corporations for excellence in sustainability development through a behavioural science approach. We help companies develop robust evidence for improved
ESG know-how, green certifications, and for bona fide sustainability, CSR, and carbon reporting.

Fundamentally, SED facilitates increased corporate participation in the conservation of the
world’s depleting natural resources, adaptation to climate change and overall positive
contribution to society.

SED Consulting’s vision is best represented by the lacewing featured in our logo. Lacewings feed on aphids which deplete the health of trees. Therefore, despite being only 1 to 1.5 cm in length, the unobtrusive yet significant lacewing is thus considered a biological control needed to sustain the plant’s health – the very goal that SED Consulting strives to be.

what we do

We help Clients Achieve Carbon Emission Targets, Sustainability and ESG Goals, and Compliance

We integrate ESG principles, protocols and carbon emissions targets

We identify sustainability activities to build ESG database

We guide companies through the process below to achieve sustainability goals, CO2 emission targets, compliance, green certifications,
reporting, and awards

  • Define and set sustainability goals and CO2 emission targets based on client’s needs, compliance, and business mission
  • Define the needs to meet certification, reporting, and awards requirements
  • Strategize and determine KPIs and develop processes towards implementation and achievement
  • Train, engage and influence ESG mindset of the client’s employees to comply with and achieve requirements and goals
  • Engage and manage internal and external stakeholders, vendors, business partners, NGOs, IOs, certification bodies, institutions,
    government, and community to attain KPIs
  • Sustain change and the acts of sustainability


Identify sustainable technologies to meet sustainable development, CO2 emission targets, food and water security, and ESG compliance

Maximize companies’ client engagement for effective marketing of their products that fulfill sustainability standards of supply chain

Increase employee, consumer, investor & community confidence & trust = profitability

Reduce food waste and convert food waste into renewable energy

Reduce energy & water consumption

Increase clean and renewable energy and water resources

Reduce CO2 emissions

Increase savings of resources

Increase recycling, reusing, & re-purposing

Reduce excessive wastes (all encompassing)

Promote healthy workplace practices, and employee wellbeing

Increase awareness of biodiversity, and environmental studies

Cultivate compassion, empathy, and stewardship

Encourage gracious competition and nurture the best in people


Consultant: Jasmine low

Jasmine is the Founder of SED Consulting. She has 24 years’ experience in sustainable development in both the public and private sectors, with extensive research in human mindset, emotional intelligence, and behaviour and the natural environment. She specialises in designing sustainability and ESG behavioural solutions and integrating them into businesses, operation, and corporate culture. She accepts as true the notion that the economy and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.

Prior to starting SED Consulting, Jasmine was with the National Environment Agency,
Centre for Liveable Cities and World Cities Summit Secretariat at the Singapore
Ministry of National Development, where she analysed global urbanisation trends,
solutions, economics, and sustainable development. She was instrumental in
spearheading several successful behavioural intervention programs, environmental
sustainability, public health initiatives, and corporate social responsibility (CSR)
outreach. While in the private-sector, she guides companies to build ESG
accountability in mitigating climate change.

Jasmine graduated from Yale University with a BSc in Environmental Studies with a
focus on the intersection of life sciences and social-behavioural sciences. She gained research experience in the social-behavioural sciences in multiple programs at Yale. These include the HEB Laboratory (now the Center for Emotional Intelligence), Yale Department of Psychology, and the Psychology of Abilities, Competencies and Expertise (PACE) Center. She has carried out field experiments to cultivate recycling mindset and behaviour at various Yale Colleges, and investigated the effects of behavioural intervention and enhanced recycling system to social change. Proving that responsible and sustainability mindsets and actions can be acquired. The results for the experimental group showed a reduction of 50% recyclables (-18% overall trash) in
the trash after intervention.


Singapore PMC Certification


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